Diamond as a symbol of life

A diamond as a symbol of life, the topic has been analyzed using the example of peas in a pot, it's time to make a salad from microgreens? ‍? ?

Let's figure it out:
All life on planet Earth is based on carbon compounds.
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The main property of carbon is the ability to combine into long chains, and these chains can contain both carbon atoms and other atoms. Chains can close, branch, form cycles, be of different lengths, connect (“stitch”) together into various structures. These carbon-hydrogen chains are the basis of all organic chemistry. ????????? There is not so much carbon in nature, but it is everywhere:
In the air (carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide), dissolved in oceans and rivers, found in fossil rocks in the earth, it is found in every cell of a plant, animal, and human. There is a carbon cycle in nature:

- carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere with volcanic gases, from hot springs, from the surface layers of rivers and oceans, when fuel is burned, when plants and animals breathe;
- at the same time, carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants, passes into the body of animals and people, and after their death it returns to the soil. And after millions and billions of years it turns into reduced crystalline carbon - diamond, as a form of free carbon.