Maxim Lyutin


A jeweler with a personal opinion


I am 33 years old, I am a jeweler more than 10 years, if you count the official experience. And since my father is also a jeweler, one can say from young years in the profession. I have several workshops in Moscow and the Moscow region, more than 15 jewelers work in my team, including me. I can do any type of jewelry work.

I boldly call myself a pioneer and expert of the Salt and Pepper diamonds business in Russia.


Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds! It was ingrained in our heads that a sparkling and significant white diamond is the crown of any engagement ring. But as many modern brides will attest, a white diamond is not all ...

Here you have come to my site, you liked the decoration. We thought, I'll take, what doubts there might be! But then the thought comes: "Stop, who are you, the guy in the red apron? .."


Pepper Rose jewelry — gold brand

jewelry with diamonds "Salt and pepper"

Each one is handmade by craftsmen in the center of Moscow.
Most of the pieces are made to order, as there are no two identical
Salt and Pepper diamonds . This is how we get unique jewelry with a unique character.


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Jewelry price depends on the cost of diamonds and product parameters