Diamond cut

Hello! Which cut of the diamond do you like best?
1. Princess
2. Circle
3. Cushion
4. Asher
5. Own version
I vote for the cushion!


Subscribers replies:

- I can't even say. Each cut has its own zest.)))

+ I agree of course)


- I love the princess and the cushion! But I only have round options? therefore, I love them too? ‍♀️

+ As you dare to add variety, I would recommend paying attention to the cushion, because you have circles. And they look like princesses, I mean the geometric cut. While cushons from another guild))?


- Cushon is a very beautiful option, but they are also expensive. It is worth deciding on it, maybe one day ... Who knows ...

+ Find out our prices, are we able to surprise?


- Oval and Emerald

+ Do I feel an experienced esthete ??


- Round and Marquis ??

+ Round cut has the most advantageous combination of weight and top surface size. Marquis is an exclusive cut, quite rare for large diamonds.


- Cushon and Asher

+? Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between them because both cuts are not standardized. Many diamonds show signs of both cuts)


- Kusooooon? ‍♀️? And a baguette

+ ⚡️ strong spread, from soft cushion half to sharp baguette?

- If cushion, then one stone is good, and the baguette looks great in combination with stones of a different cut - round, for example)

+ is also true)


- A princess

+ Sometimes it is irreplaceable, when a girl wants to combine a heavy diamond with grace, the choice almost always falls on the princess?


- I'm for a rose?

+ Rose, a great option that refers to history. Roses are adorned not only with the decorations of the royal houses, but also with household items, dishes and weapons!


- Oh me all the options ???

+ I'm a simple person, the main thing is size ??


- I like the "fancy cuts" radiant more. I love when not like everyone else?