Q: Where do the decorations come from?

A: All jewelry is made in Moscow in our workshops. Basically, products are made to order for a specific client.

Q: How are jewelry made?

A: Creating one piece of jewelry is a process of interaction of more than 10 highly specialized specialists and passing through 8 stages of production. All stages are automated as much as possible, which allows us to produce jewelry of the highest quality.

Q: How to order the creation of a personal jewelry?

A: You can leave a request to create jewelry on the website by filling out the form on the main page or in the Contacts section. You can also call or write to the mail indicated in the Contacts section.

Q: What is the cost?

A: The final cost of the item is equal to the cost of creating the setting plus the cost of the stones used. The final cost already includes the cost of the metal used, logistics costs, product certificate and branded packaging.

Q: Can I use my gold?

A: Using your gold is possible. To do this, you must bring it and after weighing the gold will be accepted. Sample and color do not matter, because will be converted into the required sample. The cost of the item is reduced by the cost of the gold used.

The cost of excess gold can be counted towards payment for the item.

Q: How will the order be packed?

A: We will pack the order in a branded "zippo" wooden box. The jewelry is accompanied by a certificate for the product.

Q: If you don't like the decoration?

A: At the beginning of the creation of the jewelry, we jointly create a 3D model of the product and agree with the customer. Therefore, the client sees the product in advance before its production and can change it to his liking.

Q: What if I change my mind and I like a different design when my jewelry is already in production?

A: It's a very rare situation, but there is an opportunity to change the design of a product up to the creation of a finished product. To do this, you must pay the costs incurred up to this point.

Q: How to confirm the characteristics of the product?

A: The state assay office under the Ministry of Finance puts a sample of gold on each product. Also, each piece of jewelry is accompanied by a certificate for the product, which is issued by an independent specialized organization, confirming the natural origin of diamonds. This certificate indicates the total weight of the product and other characteristics of the diamonds.

Q: How long does it take from ordering to receiving the product?

A: With a quick design agreement, production will take about 3 weeks if the stone is in Russia.
If a diamond is ordered abroad, then the production time directly depends on the date of receipt of the stone. By the time you receive the stone, you need to add about 3 days for setting, engraving and obtaining a certificate. On average, the production time for products with custom stones is 4 weeks. More precisely, we will inform you when choosing a particular diamond.

Q: Is it possible to make urgent production if it is important to be in time for the event?

A: Urgent production is possible for a fee. Time and cost are determined individually. This is due to the increased cost of each stage of production and additional costs for logistics and materials.

Q: How is delivery carried out?


We deliver in Moscow by our own couriers.

Delivery across Russia is carried out by SDEK to the door with our guarantee until receipt.
It is also possible to deliver jewelry across Russia on the same day or the next morning. The cost of the service is determined by the carrier and averages about 5,000 rubles.
We also carry out shipments to other countries.


Q: What is the guarantee for the decoration?

A: Under warranty:
- the rhodium plating can be erased, we can re-coat it in 1 hour, the service is paid
- the stone cannot fall out without a blow, as it is fixed by hand
- the diamond cannot crack and split without external influences.
In case of any problems, we consider on an individual basis and find an option that suits the client.
Used carefully and wisely, the jewelry will serve for generations.