Spinel and diamonds

How do you like the earrings?
Spinel, due to its "brilliant" brilliance, goes well with diamonds.

Sly spinel ....
She is known as "the greatest impostor among precious stones" due to the fact that many rubies, including the most famous ones, in particular those used in the manufacture of royal and royal regalia around the world, in fact turned out to be spinel. If you believe the Smithsonian Institution, then until 1783 spinel was not at all distinguished from corundum (that is, from rubies and sapphires).

For centuries, the court jewelers could not distinguish ruby ​​from noble spinel. For example, the 398-carat ruby-red stone crowning the Great Crown of the Russian Empire, created by the order of Catherine the Great, was originally considered a ruby, but in the end it turned out to be a spinel.