What should be the wedding rings?

There are many opinions on what diamonds and wedding rings should be like.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that wedding rings should be made of reed or paper and should be worn on the middle finger. As a sign that love, like everything in life, requires renewal like paper rings that quickly go out of use, and the middle finger was considered the main one.
In ancient Rome, the wedding ring became a symbol of the belonging of the feeling, the Romans believed in the existence of a special "vein of love", passing straight from the heart to the ring finger. The rings were then made of electrum silver / gold (50/50).
In the Middle Ages in Europe, wedding rings became a symbol of ownership - the era of private property began)) Rings were often a gift from the groom to the bride's parents, as a sign that the husband was able to accept and support their daughter .. Then the church determined the traditions of wearing wedding rings. However, in some countries, a man wore his wedding ring on his thumb, which has always been and remains the finger of power over anything.
Gold was then for the elite, and silver and copper for the rest.
I am in favor of us being free from stereotypes and choosing something really "our own"!