Where do the diamonds come from? Undercurrents of the global diamond market

What is your nationality ??? ‍♂️ There are also many "nationalists" among diamond lovers?
There are also jewelers who claim that the Russian diamond is especially good! The titular nation's diamond? Moreover, almost any jeweler readily undertakes to put Russian diamonds into jewelry, apparently distinguishing diamonds of other nations by the "cut of the eyes"? ‍♂️
I have also heard versions that a Russian diamond is valued higher than a foreigner.? , further in essence.

I will approach the question with all the stiffness of an analyst.

So, could we find out the country of origin of a diamond by submitting it for examination to specialists gemologists, geologists, or by performing a spectral analysis of the chemical elements of the crystal? Definitely no! Unlike, for example, emeralds and sapphires, diamonds arise all over the world according to the same geological laws, have an identical crystal lattice of reduced carbon, as well as the nature of inclusions of foreign chemical elements.
Maybe something is written in the certificate? Sometimes, say if you buy a diamond directly from a “primary” diamond dealer such as De Beers. In this case, the country of production and even the number of the mine in which your diamond was mined will be written in your certificate. This is one of the few cases where you can be reasonably confident.

Now a few words about the “underwater” currents of the world diamond market.
As a matter of fact, neither jewelry factories nor secondary diamond dealers know the country of production, and sometimes the cut of the diamonds they sell. While the top five diamond mining countries are Russia, Botswana, Canada and South Africa, you probably have not heard of Botswana diamonds. Because it's one thing to mine, it's another to cut and the third to sell a diamond. In this context, it is important to know that Russian cutting factories do not cut diamonds less than 2 mm in diameter. This means that even the "most Russian" jewelry brands a priori cannot use only Russian diamonds.
The usual path of a diamond in the modern globalized world may look like this: mined in Russia - cut in Israel - fixed into a product in the USA - sold in Moscow to private hands)))

So let's close the question:
"Where are your diamonds from?"