Thinking categorically when choosing a diamond

Greetings! Let's talk about simple things?

One girl told me that she chose my designs because they are out of frame. I didn't understand right away and asked for clarification. Further direct speech .. "It is not clear how much it costs, you can wear it in the evening under a dress and in the afternoon with jeans."

At first I thought that this was nothing unusual, just the style ... But in the course of further conversation, the girl made me drip deeper.

Let me explain:

It turns out that it is not only about design, but also about diamonds.
Let's imagine a common situation somewhere in the diamond quarter of New York. The girl decided to choose a diamond for her earrings, came to the store and the dealer kindly laid out 5 pairs of diamonds in front of her. All of them are beautiful in their own way, you can choose any with a light heart! Any are good until you know that these diamonds can be categorized (characteristics) and put into frames. Naturally, if there were no frames, you would have chosen what you immediately liked and could not understand which diamonds are more expensive and which are cheaper, if you are not a specialist appraiser. Now the girl chooses categories, first, third or fifth? Welcome to frames, boundaries and categories))) Indeed, categories often help us, and even more often hinder us .. For example, just choose a five-star hotel, but it is difficult to choose an apartment of the appropriate level,apartments and apartments by the sea are usually not categorized.

Made me think .. ??

In terms of categories, we underestimate how different things within one category are. You also overestimate the differences between what is on opposite sides of the same category.

We choose with our eyes and soul and stay out of bounds when choosing jewelry, don't you agree?