All circles of fashion. Jewelry Trends 2020

All fashion circles?
Sad news .. Jewelry made of white gold is no longer in vogue, this is evidenced by articles of most jewelry magazines in the world.
How so ..? As soon as, in the last months of 2019, many of us jumped into this fashion train of white gold and platinum jewelry, when the next station turned out to be the final one! ?
In early 2020, the world decided 18K yellow gold was the most sensual and cool.

If you round off the trends, you can get the following combination: “yellow gold, colored stones, asymmetry and oversize (something unrealistically large). Anyone who follows jewelry fashion has heard these fashionable precepts more than once. Jewelry fashion has incredibly small circles; in one year, you can see 2-3 world trends. Therefore, sometimes you do not have time to be disappointed in your choice, as he is again in the top!)

And in general, I would not recommend anyone to look back at trends and read fashion analysts talking about current trends. It is always better to contact a jewelry stylist, because no matter what the world trends in fashion, yellow 18K gold will look better on dark or tanned skin, and white or pink - on pale.