Who am I? How did you get involved with salt and pepper diamonds?

Who am I?


Here you are on my site, you liked the decoration. We thought, I'll take, what doubts there might be! But then the thought comes: “Stop, who are you, the guy in the red apron? Sly look, impudent habits! No matter what happens .. "

In order not to be the reason for such thoughts, I will try to tell you more about myself:

I am 33 years old, for 10 years I have been a jeweler. If you count the official experience. And since my father is also a jeweler, count from his youth in this business. I can and do any kind of jewelry work. I have several workshops in Moscow and the Moscow region, there are more than 15 jewelers in my team, including me.

How did I get into #saltandpepperdiamonds?

It did not happen by chance, but because my beloved announced to me in advance: “If you want to propose to me, make it with a ring with a carat salt and pepper diamond.

Two years and two months ... ?? I was looking for such a stone in Russia (unfortunately, despite the enormous popularity in the world, they are not supplied to Russia due to the complexity of the diamond legislation). Having raised all the dealers I know to my ears, after 1.5-2 years I managed to solve the problem of delivery and cutting of #saltandpepperdiamonds!

And so I thought, what if not only my beloved dreams of such diamonds? Yes, and I myself have become attached to them.