The clockwork is running!
Guys, are you here? This post is about us, may my mistress not see it ?! After all, I'm not sinless ..
About ?
You, too, are like trains, running on a schedule with stops "March 8", "New Year" and the station "10 Years of Common Life"? Sometimes the beloved hints that she would like to get off at the station "What Shuba ...?" or "Look." If you heard the name of these “stations” from your wife, I am ready, with regret, to inform you that the woman is not only a passenger on your train, but also a time bomb, and it has just started?
The main thing here is to react in time, so that you do not have to cut the wires at random at the last moment? And what will I get from a passenger in a fur coat and with a diamond on his finger?
Well, first of all, you will reach the station "The Best Husband", and the train will change the route from "Valuyki - Novosukhorevka" to "Paris - Nice". After all, where else can such luxurious passengers go ?!