Big deals in the diamond world

Greetings. A post about big big money! ?
I am writing this post for those who ask me to find a clear diamond from a carat and above. The price of the issue is from $ 10 thousand. And I freeze or answer reluctantly.
I say: “Come to visit, I'm ready to discuss such requests only in person.”

And here's why:
When conducting such transactions, illiterate and backhand, we all run the risk of stumbling upon unscrupulous participants in the transaction. Both the buyer and the seller may lose part or all of the transaction amount. These diamonds are not stored in the workshop and require constant records of the actual location. Whether it is a safe deposit box, a safe from a gemological institute or transportation by "special communication". Also, the search for a diamond of certain characteristics of 3 carats (for example) takes hours of work of several highly paid specialists. Often, a suitable diamond is not in the country of sale. It will take time for clearance and shipping.
For complete purity and reliability of the transaction, you will need to open a safe deposit box, get acquainted with the dealer and pick up the diamond at the gemological institute, allowing you to take the money in the safe box if the diamond suits you. Only a responsible approach will help all participants in the transaction to smile at its completion?
And finally.
No, you can't come and see a diamond worth $ 30,000 and then throw cash on the table.
If this applies to the deal, glass may become too expensive for you ??.