"Beauty on the edge"

Today beauty is imperfection. The individuality of a modern woman, superimposed on the originality of jewelry and powdered with the complexity of the current situation in the world, creates the image of a millennial today.


Ring with diamond "old mine", sprinkled with brilliant-cut diamonds.
Hand-cut central diamond:


The sparkling of old-cut diamonds is truly mysterious, enigmatic. If you look at the stone from above, there will be no strong shine, but there will be a "viscous" reflections, into which you "fall" even without your desire. Jewelers call the brilliance of these cut diamonds "depth".



As is often the case, beauty manifests itself in imperfection. How many times can you look at the ideal proportions and modern cut of diamonds, and not feel the whole artistic intent and unity of the idea? It is often difficult to remember what a modern piece looked like after an exhibition or a visit to a jewelry salon.

& Postprod by Photographer  @ 8crk
Producer & Stylist  @zoya_prosekova
the Make up closeup and the Hair  @tenderova
Models  @anastasiyascheglova  @yunna_volkova_
Mask Design by Lena Gromovaya  @fabulousbeasts_
Fashion Designers  @marriaroslova  @voidshoes  @pepper_rose_jewelry
Props  @dianazhuravlevich