Diamonds are forever .. diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds! It has been rooted in our heads that a sparkling and significant white diamond is the crown of any engagement ring. But as many modern brides will attest, a white diamond is not everything ...
Of course, in the classical tradition, to give a laconic ring with a white diamond from Tiffani .. But if you are inclined towards alternative aesthetics or you are simply interested in an engagement ring, which is less expected, then the salt and pepper diamond is a fantastic choice!

About salted and peppered diamonds in our homeland, nothing is heard, not a glint, not a sound. I will answer two non-territorial questions:

1. Why in some countries jewelry with such diamonds rattles, and in some they are not noticed?

This is largely due to the complexity of the "diamond legislation" in "some countries."
In other words, #saltandpepperdiamonds stones in Russia have low margins and are not profitable for sale in jewelry stores.
Are only big enthusiasts and rare fans ready to work with such? in our country))

2. Why did I like the Salt and Pepper diamonds so much?

There are many explanations:
- Such diamonds cannot be counterfeited! This is due to the fact that laboratory diamonds have amorphous metal inclusions, which means that they cannot even be cut, they crumble during the cutting process. Only the purest synthetic diamonds are cut.
- Such diamonds can be green, red, yellow, blue ... All rare diamond colors for a small price ..

- The price of a diamond that can be seen without a microscope for a reasonable price! From 4000 rubles for 0.3 ct and 1 ct from 30 000 rubles
- Diamond size! Classic antique diamond cuts allow you to increase the size without increasing the price! Rose cut variations.
- Drawing. Salt and pepper are graphite patterns inside the stone. Each stone has a unique pattern, landscape. Have you even met red clouds - red pepper?
- Shine. They shine! Especially in the rose cut! So, as the crowns of monarchs shone, with large reflections of the surface faces, until the middle of the 19th century, diamonds were not cut otherwise. Modern diamonds with 57 facets have a complex inner game .. And the 'rose' cut is unique with large diamond highlights so that the monarch's crown can be seen even 100 meters away!
- The ECO prefix is ​​fashionable now, not for the sake of such diamonds pits are dug, African children are exploited, they are not used to launder money in the gray business, labor and drug trafficking ..